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We are a family company with
more than 20 years of experience

Veca Produce is a grower, packer and exporter of Persian Limes (seedless variety) to different regions of the world. Located in Martinez de La Torre, Veracruz., the most important producing region of Persian Limes in México.

Our main objective is to supply the international market with high quality limes. Being the growers of what we export, we have the capability to control the process of production and packing as a whole, from the day the tree is planted to the day the product is packed and shipped to its final destination in different parts of the world.

Today we are recognized as one of the most important exporters of México.

“Our commitment is to the maximum
satisfaction of our clients through
the highest standards of quality
in our produce and services”.

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 Located in Martínez de la Torre, Veracruz, México    Ph. +52 (232) 324 4749

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